Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Face To Love

Nothing crafty today - But how can you not love this cute little face.

This is a "Diodon Hystrix" aka a "Porcupinefish". These little guys are typically 1-2ft in length and have the biggest bug eyes you have ever seen. They are one of my favorite fishes since they are just too cute. The reason they are Porcupine fish is they actually have quills built in. If they are disturbed, stressed or afraid they will blow up like a balloon. You do not want to startle or frighten them, because if they blow up too many times it will shorten their life expectancy.

The "Condylactis Gigantea" aka Giant anemones are also quite stunning. This is a white variation of these anemones which is not quite as common as some of the other colors. They come in a rainbow of colors and in places line the ocean floor. My blog header is one with yellowish/green highlights. You will also see lavender, yellow, pink and chartreuse.

Happy Hump Day!

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pat said...

Another great picture...wish I wasn't afraid to dive!!