Friday, July 24, 2009

Fabulous @ Forty

Well I am officially on vacation and very excited to finally have some down time. Believe it or not we are actually not going anywhere or have any defined plans. Now that is very unusual for me, since I seldom take time off to do "nothing". But I'm hoping to get around to taking some time and actually get to some of the things I've wanted to do, but couldn't for lack of time.

Yesterday afternoon I spent with my friend Lori who decided she wanted to make a scrapbook for her cousins 40th birthday. Now I found this quite funny since Lori is sooo not the crafty type but more of the Diva type. She asked if I would help, translation: "Can you do this and I'll provide the pictures and help glue" Her comment after about 3 hours was "Wow this sure takes a long time and is a lot of work". Mind you we only completed 5 or 6 layouts and have a ways to go. More like I'll have a ways to go.

We are trying to keep the pages very simple, as we are going to be using them more for a 'guest book' at the party we are having for her. I know the lines look a little crooked, but believe it or not that is the way the journaling block is and I appologize for the pictures, we are back to rain so natural sunlight is a very relevant concept again. The guest of honor is a Disney fanatic and somewhat of a princess herself. Going with a purple/princess theme for the party seems kind of funny for someone turning forty.

My first Bella sistah Pat does absolutely beautiful pages and Sparkle has also started doing layouts again and Vicki is another one with some fabulous layouts. .

So maybe with all of this inspiration I can get back my scrapbooking mojo, which is what I did before stamping. This may also force me to finally learn how to use my cricut that I received for Christmas and is still sitting untouched. Not to mention this project actually has a deadline and sometimes I work better knowing something has to be done.

Everyone have a great weekend. With plenty of "me" time coming up hopefully I'll have more to share.


Sparkle said...

What a great idea to make it like a guest book. She'll love it!

Giffysk8s said...

I love it, Arlene! We have got to get you to use your Cricut! Since I got mine, I have been scrapbooking like crazy! I couldn't hand cut titles anymore, so this has got me on a title frenzy. I actually spent 5 hours today scrapbooking! Yippee!

I am sooooooo looking forward to meeting you!