Monday, July 13, 2009

A Sunny Sunday Afternoon


Our weather pattern has finally changed. Yesterday afternoon we were able to finally go out on our boat. The orignal plan was to cruise into the inner Boston Harbor and view the tall ships in port. Well the boat traffic was incredible and we quickly decided against that. We then decided to go diving and just cruise.

This is "Boston Light". This was the first light house established on the North American continent, and the last in the United States to be automated. It is also our only light house that still has an official "Light Keeper".

All boats entering and exiting Boston Harbor must pass by this lighthouse. It is a great landmark for all mariners and part of history. My pictures of the Boston skyline in the background didn't come out so well. The next time we are out amongst all the Harbor islands I will try to get a few.
Enjoy your week.


Giffysk8s said...

Arlene, these photos are fabulous! What a perfect day!

pat said...

WOW!! great photos...wish I was there!