Monday, July 20, 2009

Thinking of You - It's Been Awhile

I appologize I've been MIA . This past week was crazy busy with not much free time. Unfortunately I didn't have any prescheduled posts hence no new stuff. In addition to the craziness at work we have FINALLY had some summer time weather here. Hazy-Hot-Humid perfect New Englad Summer weather. Only a couple of more days until I take a vacation, let's hope the weather holds out.

Ever have one of those days when someone you haven't seen or heard from in a long time and then they just reappear? The other day while creating this card with a specific person in mind, and all of a sudden it made me think of one of my college friends who I have not had the chance to speak with in awhile. We did almost everything together and were inseperable during college and once we graduated.

Well after uploading this card and saving it for a future post I decided to check my facebook account. Now don't ask me why I even have one as I rarely ever check it. (one more thing with never enough time). Well who to my wondering eyes did appear but the friend I had just been thinking about. We've made lunch plans for while I'm on vacation to catch up. She and I can pick up a conversation as if it were yesterday even if its been months.

So if you have been thinking about someone recently and haven't spoken to them in a while give them a shout!

Enjoy your week.

stamps: Stamping Bella-Daydreamabella
paper: SU

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pat said...

GREAT card....I love this image!!
I must get it!!