Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wish I Were Here...

Hello friends, yes once again I've been a really bad blogger. Let's call it stress and me missing my craft time. So, I thought I'ld post a couple of photos that always make me feel a little better. This is one of my favorite places Grand Cayman's East End. Oh how I wish I were there right now, Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and the tranquility of being under the sea.

Yes, I am taking some time off next week and going away. Unfortunately it won't be to our home away from home (hence the photos above), but rather to the cornfields of PA. May sound a little crazy, but in the midst of the Amish is a huge fresh water quarry with lots of underwater fun. It is like an amusement park for divers. There are 35 of us going, and yup it should be a blast. If nothing else, at least it will take my mind off reality for a few days.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and I promise something crafty real soon.

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