Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Lighthouse

Believe it or not we are in the middle of a heat wave. I think Summer finally decided to stick around. It has been absolutely gorgeous the last couple of day, yes it's been over 90 but I'll take it any time. This lighthouse is the lighthouse we went diving at this past Sunday - Graves Light. It looks like a really old lighthouse but it in fact one of the newer ones in New England.

This lighthouse is also on the edge of the entrance to Boston Harbor and has had it's fair number of incidents over the years. It is in open water and there for makes it much more susceptible to damage from storms.

Just off this light house is a the "City of Salisbury Wreck", better known as the "Zoo Ship" years ago while transporting zoo animals the boat ran a ground and unfortunately everything was lost. The wreck is somewhat still intact and makes for another great dive site. At both of these dive sites the North Atlantic sea life is amazing, lobster,crabs, anemones and more. If you dive and haven't dove the northeast you should give it a try.

Everyone enjoy the rest of your week. I really need to finish the scrapbook up for my friends party this weekend.


Sparkle said...

What gorgeous pictures!

pat said...

WOW! love those light houses.