Friday, August 21, 2009

A Day at the Beach

I thought I'ld share some photos of what it is I do in my spare time on the weekends. As most of you may know by now my "other job" is that of a Scuba Diving Instructor. Pretty much most of my free time during the summer is taken up with teaching classes and when time permits diving for fun.

That's me, second front the right in the front, the short one as everyone tells me. Our friends Andy, John & Danny are also part of our instructional team. Andy is next to me kneeling, John is the guy in black on the end, and Danny is the instructor in the middle back with the sunglasses on. The rest are students we were in the middle of finishing up. This photo was taken across from the beach we typically use.

This little guy here is our mascot, BEAR. He will sometimes come along and supervise the classes. He absolutely loves the beach. But the weird part is he doesn't really like to swim. He'll go in the water and run along the shore, but no deeper than his chest. At first, we were kind of disappointed, but then we realized it's probably a good thing since he means he won't jump off our boat.

Lastly, these are some random pictures of the beach and the class in progress. So besides creating this is what I enjoy in my free time. How about you? What other hobbies do you enjoy?

Everyone have a great weekend. Hopefully tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the "Guest scrapbook" before giving it the birthday girl.


pat said...

OMG!! I love that dog! great pictures. looks like lots of fun.

Sparkle said...

Bear is so cute! Looks like a good time!