Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Fun

When the weather turns a little cooler we will sometimes for go the ocean and use a lake at one of the State parks for our open water certification dives. This past weekend was our last official open water weekend for beginner students. Now it's drysuit season and since I'm not a big drysuit, cold water fan I leave these classes to some of the guys. The foliage at the Park is absolutely amazing this time of year.

This is a simple shot of the lake and the surrounding area.

Also, on our last 'official' weekend we hold an underwater pumpkin carving contest. You must carve your pumpkin underwater using just a dive knife. No pre-cutting and or designing allowed. Unfortunately this year I could not participate thanks to the boot cast.

These are a few of the pumpkins some of our customers created.

Bear however was not to happy with the pumpkins 'taking over' his picnic table. He made due however and happily found another one.

On the way home from the lake we decided to stop at a place nearby. This picture is overlooking the Boston skyline. I think I actually missed "peak" by a week or so, but you still get the idea of the colors.
We live about 5 miles from downtown. So we can enjoy the city from our backyard views and some absolutely beautiful wooded areas from the front yard.
For our final stop of the day we took the dog to one of his favorite parks on one of the rivers. This is him hiding in the brush.
He looks kind of scary in this picture, but the wind was blowing like crazy especially off the water.
So that wraps up my scenic fall tour. The worst part is, now all those leaves are going to fall and someone has to rake them. Luckily not me-Al actually enjoys raking, though I might help.
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week. I should have some crafty things for you soon.


pat said...

WOWSERS!! great all those fall colors. Your "Bear" is sooooo cute!!! I just want to love him up!!

Sparkle said...

Such pretty pictures! Blogger does weird things sometimes! But glad you said something. Hopefully it'll just fix itself. If it doesn't, I'll try deleting you and then adding you back to my list.

Giffysk8s said...

What gorgeous pics, Arlene! LOVE that pumpkin carving idea! Who knew it could even be done? Quite impressed with the results!

Of course, you know me~I mostly love the pics of Bear. He is beyond cute!!!