Friday, October 16, 2009

Good-Bye Summer

I can't believe Summer is over (not that we had much of one). The last couple of weeks have been crazy trying to enjoy what was left of the good weather and get our boat ready to come out to be winterized.

Though I do love the fall too; the trees are looking magnificent, Al & I just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary last weekend, we have a vacation coming up and we were able to get out on the boat one last time for the season.

This is our boat parked at it's "Summer Home"

View of the marina while heading out

Al was able to get a dive in that day. My diving up here has been done for a couple of weeks now thanks to the "Boot" (Which better be off before vacation-it will be 8 wks). He was able to get some really good underwater shots of the local marine life.

A North Atlantic Red Starfish
One of the areas indigenous anemones

One of my favorite summer suppers

Lastly, one final tour of Boston's Inner Harbor by sea. Unfortunately this picture does not do the skyline it's proper justice it really is a pretty skyline.

But the good news is only 3 weeks until we get to visit a warmer climate. So, bring on the Bahamas and let summer last just a little longer-then back to more crafting time!


Sparkle said...

Such pretty pictures! It's been pouring buckets sun for me for another 9 months. :)

pat said...

Wow!! great pictures Arlene!!
I love the rain!! I can't wait for our winter to begin.

Giffysk8s said...

What perfect underwater photos! No wonder you love diving so much~to see things like that in their natural environment is way cool! BTW, Rick has boat envy. :)